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1    Shin Junghyun and the Yup Juns – I Think (saeng gak hae)- (1974)
2    Bok Sung Ryu & Latin Koreana – Walking Alone in the MyungdongStreet (1978)
3    Ref – Breaking Up the Formula (ebyul gongsik) – (1995)
4    Nami- Bingul Bingul (1984)
5    Oseja – He is a Fool (Gusaram baboya) – (1971) –
6    Gummun Nabi (Black butterfly) – Her (gu nyo)
7    San Woolim – (nae maum e- judan eul kkal go) Carpet on my Mnd
8    Lee Tae Shin and Top Song – what I say
9    Lee Eun Ha – night bus (or train) ( bam cha) – (1978)
10    Saesam Trio – if you go to LA (nasung e- gamyon) – (1978)
11    Kim Trio – What am I Going to Do?
12    Kim Sunghee – Charm
13    Sobangcha- White Wind (1988)
14    Kim Soo chul – You Are Young (1984)
15    Song Chang Sik – Why Call Me (1987)
16    Yu Soo Il – Apart
17    Lee Jae Min – Path (Gol Mok Gil)- (1987)
18    Seoul Family – So Now (Ee Je Nun)
19    Yoon Shi Nae – Let’s Study
20    Kim Chuja – Light My Fire (Gidarigo It Sul Ka)


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Lee Eun Ha – Night Bus ( Bam Cha) – (1978)

Lee Eun Ha – Night Bus ( Bam Cha) – (1978)

She was only 17 at the time of her hit single. Would her parents even let her ride a bus alone? At night? Anyway, the steamy funk of the verse gives way to bouncy disco chorus more typical of a teen popstar.


Yu Soo Il – Apart

Yu soo il – Apart

Singer is nailing the Steve Perry / Jagger look on this album cover. This is total classic ballad.


Lee Jae Min – Path (Gol Mok Gil)- (1987)

Lee Jae Min – Path (Gol Mok Gil) – (1987) The Name of My Lover is – Seorabol Records

Really love these synth toms that sound like old lasers. And love how straight-laced Lee Jae Min looks on his album sleeve.


Seoul Family – So Now (Ee Je Nun)

Seoul Family – So Now (e je nun) – (1987) Seoul Family Pops collection

Like arpeggios? Basement synths? This track’s got it all, including searing male/female vocals that keep the sexual tension at a fever pitch.


Yoon Shi Nae – Let’s Study

Yoon Shi Nae – Let’s Study (gong boo hapsida) – (1983) Yoon Shi Nae – Jigu record

Did ABBA release some Korean b-sides? No, it’s Yoon Shi Nae singing a rousing song of encouragement for the nation’s diligent students. Never give up, kids.


SANWOOLLIM – (nae maum e- judan eul kkal go)

SANWOOLLIM =(echo in mountains)
‘Nae Maum e- Judan Eul Kkal Go = carpet on my mind

6 minutes of dark, serpentine funk broken twice by a bouncy chorus laced with farfisa and a bass wandering all around the neck.