G’OLD (Good-Old) Korea Vinyl from the 1960’s-90’s: psychedelic, garage rock, disco, funk and smooth.


01 Kim Jung Mi- My Beautiful Land (1973)
02 Sanwoolim – Don’t Go (1981)
03 Kim Chuja – Naomi in the Dream
04 Shin Jung Hyun & Yup Juns – Nothing to Say
05 Kim Sanghee – Joyful Arirang (1978)
06 Peace and Love – I Can Not Talk (1979)
07 Devils – Umbrellas in the Happiness
08 Han Myeong Suk – The Boy in the Yellow Shirt (1961)
09 Kim Trio Pier (1979)
10 Kim Wan Sun- The Dance in that Rhythmn (1987)
11 San Woollim – Anibulsso
12 Lee Gum Hee & Johnny Brothers – Twist with ya
13 Nami – Good Feeling Hostile
14 Kim Trio – Good Girl (1980)
15 Song Golmae – I Really Don’t Know (1983)
16 Sukjamae – Reminds (1992)
17 Unknown Artist – Two of Us Walk
18 Jang Jaenam – The Empty Chair (1981)
19 Sukjamae – Memories
20 HE- 6 Whiter Shade of Pale

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Sanullim – Don’t go (1981)

산울림  – 가지마오 (1981)

San Woolim is a rock band that is formed with three brothers; Chang Wan Kim(guitar&vocal), Chang Hoon Kim(base), Chang Ik Kim(drum), and they debuted in 1977. They lead Korea through the 1970-1980s. We can call them the Korean Beatles in a way; they marked a new era in seventies to eighties, and became Korea’s representative rock band and challenged many genres. Funny enough, they ducked out to play children’s songs too occasionally.

Sinawe – Turn the radio louder (1986)


시나위 -크게 라디오를 켜고 (1986)

Here is the one of the first heavy metal songs of Korea called Turn the Radio louder.

Sinawe (시나위) were the one of the first bands that played heavy metal in South Korea. Golden Age Metal, complete with long hairs in the late 1980s and early 1990s.


Han Myeong Suk – The Boy in the Yellow Shirt [1961]

한명숙 – 노란 샤쓰의 사나이 [1961]

This song is a good old song.  It was released in 1961 and a super hit of the 1960s.  “The Boy in the Yellow Shirt” was actually very popular among American soldiers in Korea at that time and with that song Han Myeong Suk became popular not only in Korea but also Southeast Asia and Japan in 1960s.

If you consider the lyrics of that song, they were pretty badass at that time.


Choi Heon – Umbrellas in the Autumn Rain [1979]

최헌 – 가을비 우산속 (1979)

If you see the profile of Choi Heon, you’d read is a kind of band jumper guy. Choi Heon was a former member of the HE-6 (we posted HE-6’s song before). In 1974, he formed a new rock band called Black Butterfly and they made few of hit songs such as “Swallowtail” and “Paulownia Leaves”.

In 1977, he started his solo career and “Umbrellas in the Autumn Rain” this song was released in 1979. It was one of the biggest hits of that year, 1979.