Han Yeong Ae – Tuning [1992]

Han Yeong Ae – Tuning


한영애 – 조율 [1992]

Han Yeong Ae is like the godmother of the Korean female blues and soul, she
released her debut in 1986.
She is a genuine living expression of Korean soul as opposed to the plastic dolls
of hallyu.

Kim Hyun Sik – Alley [1991]

김현식 – 골목길

A really touching and chilly song even if you don’t know Korean.

Kim Hyun Sik is the most well-known underground singer of the 1980s with a
unique vocal style that often involved shouting, and encompassed a wide range of
genres, including jazz, rock, blues and soul.

Sometime the great ones get taken from us early.

RIP KHS, Long Live Real Music. 


Songolmae – I really don’t know [1983]


송골매 – 난 정말 모르겠네 [1983]

This is some great classic rock from the 80’s.

Guitar + bass + drum is just sick! Can’t believe they were doing this shit WAY back.

Songolmae aka Falcon is the biggest representative of Korean rock and hard rock bands in 70’s and 80s. Total Grand Funk Railroad of Korea.


Jang Jae Nam – The empty chair [1979]


장재남 – 빈의자 [1979]

“..Come here and have a seat people who are standing
I am an empty chair
Come here and have a seat people who feel tired
I am an empty chair
All the people who are tired of loneliness
Come on here and have a seat, I am fine…”


Have you ever imagined yourself as an empty chair? If someone out there feels tired or lonely, they can come and take rest at any time.  This song is about that: it’s poetic and strange.

“The Empty Chair: was released in 1979 and one of the very well known songs of singer Jang Jae Nam. Simple, meaningful and pleasant lyrics coupled with melody and rhythm.

Devils – Happiness: Under the umbrella [1974]

데블스  – 우산속의 행복 [1974]

“Devils” is one of the most influential bands in development of the old Korean scene and are regarded as the fundamental force behind the creation of gogo music in Korea.
The film called “GoGo 70’” was released in 2008 based on the true story of Devils.  The film is about the band and growth of youth culture in repressive South Korea during early 1970s.

Happiness: Under the umbrella is one of the greatest hits of the 1970s and you can hear in it 70’s soul music that combines unique vocals and with horns to appear more colorful and groovy.

Love and Peace – I can’t tell [1979]

사랑과평화 –  얘기할수없어요 [1979]

Funk soul BROTHERS called Love and Peace.

This right here is the root of Korean funk.

Love and Peace is one of the originators of Korean funk, funky disco and funk soul and the band was formed in 1975.

There’s no way you can just still through this funk master song.

More than 30 years later – this song keeps ruling.