Lee Gum Hee & Johney Brothers – Twist with Ya (구대 와 텆ㅌ 렐) (1975)

Lee Gum Hee & Johney Brothers – Twist with Ya (구대 와 텆ㅌ 렐) (1975)

Christmas compilations wouldn’t be so bad if they had more rave-ups like this. And check out that whistler in the background.  How many session whistlers do you know of?


Kim Sanghee – Joyful Arirang (즐거운아리랑) (1978)

Kim Sanghee – Joyful Arirang (즐거운아리랑) (1978)

The very height of wholesomeness.


Kim Wan Sun – Dance In That Rhythm (1987)

Kim Wan Sun – Dance In That Rhythmn (1987)

A new favorite 80s Korea tune. The ending has a raucous Madonna/thrash-core cross-ver sounding moment!


Kim Hyun Sik – Love, Love, Love (1991)

Kim Hyun Sik – Love, Love, Love (1991))

Has to be one of the sillier songs we’ve posted. Synth drums and synth bass along with some saucy vocals and occasional, and possibly intentional, chuckling. Catchy as hell, nonetheless.


Kim Trio – Pier (교각) (1979)

Kim Trio – Pier (교각) (1979)

It’s dance music but significantly darker than the Kim Trio track featured previously. The bargain-bin synths and spooky female vocals could even be a nod to trot, the dominant pop trend in Korea before rock or k-pop emerged.


Kim Chuja – Naomi in the Dream (1970)

Kim Chuja – Naomi in the Dream (1970)

A Swinging go-go beat with strings and horns as well. Very snappy.


San Ul Lim – Too Bad (아니 벌써) (1976)

San Ul Lim – Too Bad (아니 벌써) (1976)

Punk was coming to a head in the west but Korean kids were turning on to San Ul Lim, a trio of brothers who had more in common with Love than the Modern Lovers.




++++++MEDIAFIRE+++++     +++++SOUNDCLOUD+++++

1    Shin Junghyun and the Yup Juns – I Think (saeng gak hae)- (1974)
2    Bok Sung Ryu & Latin Koreana – Walking Alone in the MyungdongStreet (1978)
3    Ref – Breaking Up the Formula (ebyul gongsik) – (1995)
4    Nami- Bingul Bingul (1984)
5    Oseja – He is a Fool (Gusaram baboya) – (1971) -
6    Gummun Nabi (Black butterfly) – Her (gu nyo)
7    San Woolim – (nae maum e- judan eul kkal go) Carpet on my Mnd
8    Lee Tae Shin and Top Song – what I say
9    Lee Eun Ha – night bus (or train) ( bam cha) – (1978)
10    Saesam Trio – if you go to LA (nasung e- gamyon) – (1978)
11    Kim Trio – What am I Going to Do?
12    Kim Sunghee – Charm
13    Sobangcha- White Wind (1988)
14    Kim Soo chul – You Are Young (1984)
15    Song Chang Sik – Why Call Me (1987)
16    Yu Soo Il – Apart
17    Lee Jae Min – Path (Gol Mok Gil)- (1987)
18    Seoul Family – So Now (Ee Je Nun)
19    Yoon Shi Nae – Let’s Study
20    Kim Chuja – Light My Fire (Gidarigo It Sul Ka)


IF you like the artists on this mix– seek out their albums and support!

Sobangcha- White Wind (1988)

Sobangcha- White Wind (1988)

You can’t go wrong with a shot of dudes in mid air, wearing matching vests. But whatever. . . Seoul was hosting the olympics and this song is a crowd-pleaser.


Kim Soo chul – You Are Young (1984)

Kim Suchul – You Are Young (1984)

Soo Chul uses some nifty synths and a chorus big enough to match his flamboyant perm.