Devils – Happiness: Under the umbrella [1974]

데블스  – 우산속의 행복 [1974]

“Devils” is one of the most influential bands in development of the old Korean scene and are regarded as the fundamental force behind the creation of gogo music in Korea.
The film called “GoGo 70’” was released in 2008 based on the true story of Devils.  The film is about the band and growth of youth culture in repressive South Korea during early 1970s.

Happiness: Under the umbrella is one of the greatest hits of the 1970s and you can hear in it 70’s soul music that combines unique vocals and with horns to appear more colorful and groovy.

Love and Peace – I can’t tell [1979]

사랑과평화 –  얘기할수없어요 [1979]

Funk soul BROTHERS called Love and Peace.

This right here is the root of Korean funk.

Love and Peace is one of the originators of Korean funk, funky disco and funk soul and the band was formed in 1975.

There’s no way you can just still through this funk master song.

More than 30 years later – this song keeps ruling.

Sukjamae – Memories (생각나네) 1978

Sukjamae – Memories 생각나네 1978

This track is so much wrong and right mixed together- squirty moog-sounding synths frame some smoothed lady vocals. This track demands being blasted out of a jeep, at a beach, to the ire of stern college deans the world over. Audio smoothie.


Lee Gum Hee & Johney Brothers – Twist with Ya (구대 와 텆ㅌ 렐) (1975)

Lee Gum Hee & Johney Brothers – Twist with Ya (구대 와 텆ㅌ 렐) (1975)

Christmas compilations wouldn’t be so bad if they had more rave-ups like this. And check out that whistler in the background.  How many session whistlers do you know of?


Kim Sanghee – Joyful Arirang (즐거운아리랑) (1978)

Kim Sanghee – Joyful Arirang (즐거운아리랑) (1978)

The very height of wholesomeness.


Kim Wan Sun – Dance In That Rhythm (1987)

Kim Wan Sun – Dance In That Rhythmn (1987)

A new favorite 80s Korea tune. The ending has a raucous Madonna/thrash-core cross-ver sounding moment!


Kim Hyun Sik – Love, Love, Love (1991)

Kim Hyun Sik – Love, Love, Love (1991))

Has to be one of the sillier songs we’ve posted. Synth drums and synth bass along with some saucy vocals and occasional, and possibly intentional, chuckling. Catchy as hell, nonetheless.